Building Permits:

In 2006 the Township adopted the Universal Construction Code for all new construction. A building permit and inspections are required for all new construction, including renovations, remodeling, and additions. Certain renovations and remodeling are exempt, but it is best to contact the Zoning Officer before beginning any construction project.

Building / Zoning Permit Requirements

Building / Zoning Permit Exclusions

Driveway Application

Building Permits:

The Township uses the services of a third party inspector, Code.Sys Code Consulting, Inc., to do all residential and commercial inspections. Details will be provided when an application for a building permit is filed.

Building Inspection Checklist

Zoning Permits:

Zoning Permits are required with all Building Permits. However, Zoning Permits generally issued for construction of, gazebos, storage sheds, agricultural buildings and the like most often do not require inspections. However, the dimensional set back distances must be checked to assure that the structure is properly placed from the property lines.

Additional Points Concerning Building/Zoning Permits:

Please be aware that a building/Zoning Permit may also be required for construction of retaining walls, decorative fences (does not include normal fences used on agricultural land), all in ground swimming pools, all above ground pools 2 feet deep or more, spas, and hot tubs. Check with the Zoning Officer before starting any construction.